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TOP TIPS for creating designs

Some of you may already know what it takes to make that 'extra special' social media post... but some may be wondering why your post isn't getting the reaction you wanted??

A few simple steps you can make to create posts that relate to you, your business and attract the attention you want and deserve.

  1. Use unique colours - when designing up a post you want to think of colours that are appealing to the eye and that also project feeling onto someone. For example, the colour purple provides energy of royalty, luxury and spirituality. Bright colours can be incorporated into your posts even if they are not included within your logo. (check out to find out what colour best match together).

2. Promote your brand in each post - this is the best way for customers / potential customers to recognise you, your business and your products or services. Simple things such as your logo, using logo colours, images, key words, key hashtags etc is how you can effectively promote your brand.

3. Making your content stand out - When you look at other people / businesses content, what stands out for you, as a customer or spectator? Don't over complicate, use what you know and start from the bottom. Create one design and revise over that design thinking of ways to can make it stand out better. Asking for a second opinion is always a great help.

4. Include relevant information - Keep your designs light, use key words and information you want to promote. Us humans have short attention spans, have a key objective you want to promote through a post.

5. Less is more - Well, it's self explanatory. Images, icons and elements are all very exciting when putting into a post, however, we don't want to take away from the real message you are trying to send. If you find you have too many images on one post, split them over 2 or 3, whilst still including the relevant information.

6. And finally the use of images and icons - As we mentioned in number 5, it is always beneficial to split up a design with images and icons. This adds attention to your design.

Can you spot how many icons we included in the post below??

Trial and error is a magical thing when it comes to design - there is always room for progression and development, we all have to start somewhere. This is your somewhere.

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