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Let's Talk Instagram Highlights!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Instagram highlights are found at the top of your profile... a great place to store key information about your business!

When it comes to adding content to your highlights, think strategically and ask yourself - 'What do people want to know about my business?'.

Here are some key highlights to consider adding to your profile :

  • FAQ's- A lot of times your audience will have questions about your business or your services. Having an 'FAQ' highlight helps them to get clarification easily and quickly.

  • About Us - This is where you share your story and key information about your business. This helps your audience gather more detail about who you are and what you do.

  • Products and Services- Highlights are a brilliant way to showcase all of your products and services. It will make customers aware of everything that is available to them.

  • Customer Reviews- Your highlights are also a great place to store all the great customer reviews and comments that you have received. It also gives an element of social proof for new customers.

  • Tips/How to- Here you can store store any informative posts about your industry, business, products or services.

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